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Moral Education (Pendidikan Moral)

We all know that education is the most important part in the life of nation and state. Without education, it is impossible that we can continue the life of the state, especially to maintain(mentein the dignity(digneti) of the nation in the international eye(ai).

A nation can be said to be advanced when advanced education in the country and can manage human resources and natural resources properly for the welfare of its citizens. To that end, various efforts have been made jointly by the various parties to promote education in the world.

Government which has sought to create and revise the educational system of the right and best, non-government agencies concerned took part in education and review, provide suggestions and criticisms for education, to teachers and parents, had devoted all their attention in order to form future generations are educated (literate).

In line with this, information technology are now growing rapidly which enables a variety of news and information can be accessed quickly so that helped provide support for the development of science and technology or science and technology.

However, to equip future generations with science and technology alone are not sufficient to continue to advance even a nation's life. They need to get a moral education that make up the nation's next generation as a person noble, honest and responsible. Moral education is one of the nation's capital to improve conditions.

We certainly realize that the deterioration of a nation can be caused by damage to the morale of its citizens. Could be moral destruction caused by the citizens themselves who can not control themselves with faith and devotion to the Creator. In addition, the destruction of ethics can also be because too carried away with television shows or entertainments that are less educated.

The evidence suggests that the future generation need moral guidance, especially from the family and the school. This is reflected by the news that reveals that the internet cafes in big cities most visited by students and students, including children, elementary and junior high school. However, it turns out some of these visitors, including students from elementary and junior high school-do not use internet facilities as well as possible. They do not use it to find information or learn things that are positive, but use it to get the negative things, such as pornography. Of course this is very disturbing fact many parties, especially for parents and teachers.

While the facts about the collapse of the ethics of honesty which is feared will continue, has become a familiar story heard, such as: corruption, bribery, loss of the rule of law, etc..

Therefore, it is the obligation for us, especially parents and educators, to pay attention to education of future generations of the nation. Not only the general education course, but more importantly moral education and formation of faith and devotion to the Creator for the future generation has a noble and high ideals. Thus, progress and prosperity of the nation is expected to be realized immediately.


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