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What You get If You Visit Pangkep ?? apa yang anda bisa dapatkan jika berkunjung ke Pangkep => Jappa-jappa ri Pangkep (Jokka-jokka Ri Pangkep)

Jappa-jappa ri Pangkep (Jokka-jokka Ri Pangkep)

“jp-jpki ri lbkG”

"Jappa-Jappaki ri Pangkep"

Vacation experience

PANGKEP (pangkajene and Kepulauan),A place with morethan two hundred islands,because of that The place was name Pangkep,pangkep famous in south Sulawesi cause the islands,with the islands people know pangkep,the islands was secret  so much culture,and hidden so beautiful land,wonderful nature.
My vacation was proofhow beautiful nature someone islands in pangkep.Two years ago when I was finished my school exam, I went to “samatallu islands” someone islands in pangkep, in Indonesian language kembar tiga or (triple islands) with my classmate. I wento to islands by a mini boat in buginese language “jolloro’ ” or “katinting” in Makassar language.
A trip to islands was very dangerous I’m very hate the ride to samatallu islands, I can’t forgotten a trip to the islands because at that moment,my boat was in the middle ride (middle sea) a heavy rain and high wind was occurred make a big wave ,the condition make some my friend scream ,every waves strike and shake my boat.Pray,cry,tears,to kept my bad ride.It lasted almost one hour and that was very scared and dangerous.But untl arrive in the samatallu islands,the scared in the trip was clean from my memory,my brain was refresh again, because the lands was very wonderful,so beautiful land with a natural nature I like it,and then people the people in samatallu islands  was very friendly with us.

I’m and my classmate went to house someone my friends family.When we got home my friend’s mother and aunt’s were served with special food in th islands,squid,lobsters,fishs,crabs,and some other food.We ate very glutinous because the food very delicious.After ate we walking around the islands and enjoying the nature,snads,sky,surf,mangrove,the birds,fish, so much boat, and the best was sunset, this is very beautiful sunset,really-really beautiful

At night after dinner,  the boy and my friend’s father went to find a crab,search a crab with traditional lamp,we walking around again the islands to find some crab. I’m and my friend have not any experience to cactch a crab, I don’t know,I can’t catc a crab, I just want carry a bags crab and some time tried to catch a crab .I come back to house with some crab in my bags. We don’t finished there.we continued to the butterfly fish,lift u butterfly fish and take to home.

 Next activity, in the morning I wento fishing in the sea,with  a mini boat we ride to middle, we are fishing and ate the fish in the boat,because my friend’s father bring a cooker in the boat, we come back to the islands with some fish remainder. Next we went to visit the R.I.P saint in the islands,the heroes moeslim,cause of  him, moeslim in the some islands know the moeslim, ilke my trip because, I can study with my trip.
Afternoon we come back from the samatallu islands, my friend’s father give some fish and crab to me and my friends, there was very good place, very good experience for me.

I think that’s all about my experience and thank you…!

"Visit Pangkep"

“jp-jpki ri lbkG”

"Jappa-Jappaki ri Pangkep"

“jok-jokki lao ri lbkG”

"Jokka-jokkaki ri Pangkep"

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