Friday, April 6, 2012

Healthy and Unhealthy Job


Cause I think it's very easy job,not difficult,and not make someone very tired and busy,the baby sister just guard and keep a child with affection and love,give a some food,make a baby sleep and not sad,moreover baby sister work with  just for  several hours,and it  is not dangeriously

From my point of view fotografer is not difficult work,if you know the technique to take a foto. photographer just take a foto with some style,and then editing the foto, it's very easy job,not  so many risk,not dangeriously,not make a busy,and not to come a disease.

Everybody know that nurse is someone healthy job,nurse know the good food for people with balancenutrient so that you can protect and make your self healthy,nurse know the medicine if someone sick,nurse know how to life with healthy life and fresh,the nurse and the doctor to cure the patient and if yoy know to cure somebody, ithink you certain to protect and  with the to cure yourself if you sic,the nurse know how to manage time keep healthy.

I think psikolog is job with not have so much risk,the psycho just give advice, and suggestion for the problem someone people, psycho just stay and sit, wait the patient  and then give a solution for the problem,psycho know how to make a brain,soul,and spiritual enjoy,fresh,peaceful, psyco know how to guard yourself from the stress,and know how to make yourself balance for healthy life.



the work with so much risk,Factory workers could be exposed to dust, chemicals and gases that can increase the risk of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Certain chemicals such as diacetyl flavorings used dalammicrowave popcorn, wine and food manufacturers can cause devastating disease bronchiolitis obliterans,so much risk in her job,warmand so much poison can be present in factory.

Simple steps such as wearing a mask when using you can reduce the risk.


so much risk from construction, the first you must be work in the hight the construction must be very careful to work,keep fresh your body every time,clean your scarred and other, second Workers may inhale dust from demolition or renovation activities at risk of lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestos,bronchitis and so much  disease from construction..

It required protective clothing including a respirator (a special mask) when working around the building and avoid smoking.

Transport workers

Truck drivers, public transport and those who served in the loading and unloading at risk of developing COPD. This condition is due to frequent and increase to air pollution from motor vehicles, especially diesel exhaust.smoke and the fumes from the bus can be present so many disease.

The auto industry

Workers in particular automotive car body repair parts is at risk of developing asthma.This is because products such as spray paint and polyurethane isocyanate may cause skin irritation, allergies, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing caused severe,so much bacterial can infection and influence.

By : Muhammad Rezki Rasyak

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